Gift of the Day: Lilly Pulitzer Personalized Gift Stickers

Today's Gift of the Day is the Lilly Pulitzer Personalized Gift Sticker. The Southern Belle and Crazy Caravan Blue styles are shown above. With over 31 designs to choose from and prices starting at $35, you'll find plenty of ways to add sassy style to your stationery wardrobe without breaking the bank. From classic to whimsical, there is a design and a color scheme for you in the Lilly line. Generously sized, these personalized gift stickers are 2.5" square so they can't be missed on your packages and gift bags. They'll be 10% off through 10/9. See them here

Lilly Pulitzer has been creating and inspiring preppy style for 50 years! As part of the Jubilee celebration this year, LP has launched a stationery and paper gifts have probably seen the adorable napkins & plates, desk accessories and gift wrap.

Our favorite part of Lilly Pulitzer Stationery is the Personalized Correspondence Line which includes calling cards, gift stickers, folded notes, flat cards and invitations! There is something for everyone in this colorful line-up regardless of age or budget.

We think its a great idea to develop a 'signature style' for your gift-wrapping. It might sound a little snooty but its really a great time and money saving strategy. One of our favorite store customers taught us this trick. She uses only red wrapping paper and then varies the ribbon, gift stickers and enclosure cards to suit the season, the occasion and the recipient. Her gifts always look great and people recognize her red paper every time.

  1. First thing to consider, what types of gifts do you give over and over, wedding, birthday, hostess, etc?
  2. How do you give a couple, a single person or as a family?
  3. What do you like to give as gifts -- homemade pickles, books, wine?

Once you think these things through, you'll be ready to come up with your 'Signature Style' and have the the supplies on hand to wrap gifts in an instant!

  1. Select a few colors you love that will work for most of your gift occasions
  2. Find a personalized gift tag for yourself, you & your spouse or your family
  3. Shop for gift wrap, gift bags, tissue and ribbon in your color palette (don't forget the bottle bags if wine is your thing)
  4. Now you have everything you need to establish your 'Signature Style'

Our Signature Style is hot pink/lime green/turquoise. Great with the Bamboo Pink Sticker and the Winter Playground Green Sticker We find our favorite glossy wrapping paper at Nashville Wraps. The prices are great and the color palette is terrific! Here is a link to our favorite - the bright glossy paper shown above -- You can also find fabulous grograin ribbon in 100 yard rolls at Nashville Wraps at GREAT prices

Enjoy your Perfectly Presented Personalized Gift Wrap!

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