Gift of the Day: Monogrammed Becky Bag

Our hot weather has finally arrived and it seems here to stay. In an effort to look pulled together but be ready for a trip to the beach or the pool, we are showing off our monogrammed straw purses....this new style known as the 'Becky' is a squared off version of the original 'half-moon'...slightly more casual but still just as fun. With two sizes to choose from, you can decide how many everyday essentials to carry along with a water bottle, maybe a magazine, shades and sunscreen. If you have one of these bags on your arm, you are ready for all the good things summer has to offer. Allow 3 weeks or so for your bag to be created just for you. Starting at $140. Remember to use code 'DAY' to get 10% off your bag. You can see all the straw bag styles by clicking here.

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