Gifts to Make Your Flower Girl's Heart Skip

What on earth are you going to get the star of your wedding? (and no I don't mean you). From my experience, the flower girl is usually under the impression that all these wedding shenanigans are for her. And while clearly it's your day, honestly, besides maybe your mom, the flower girl probably grasps the importance of the day more than anyone. She is so excited to be there, she can barely stand it. She deserves a gift that shows your appreciation for her being there, I mean she did make it down the aisle without crying and only stole the spotlight for 5 minutes tops... she deserves a little somethin'. Here are some ideas for your little flower girl, incase you've been a grown up to long to remember what little girls like.

Unless your flower girl has truly unfortunate short hair like I did as a child, a monogrammed hair accessory can be a great and cherished gift. She can wear it on the big day and then keep it as a useful new addition to her wardrobe. The personalized barrette to the left is only $45, and will definitely make your girl feel special. You can look at this barrette at The Monogram Merchant, and check out some other options as well.

A precious picture frame for your precious flower girl is also a great option. What a better way to make her feel like a part of your group of bridesmaids and friends than with this "The Girls" pictures frame for $49.75? Add a picture of her with the bridesmaids and yourself and it's a homerun of a gift. Speaking of photos, a photo album can also be a great way for your flower girl to keep her memories of your wedding day (or is it her day? I forget). Anyway, this photo album will keep all her photos safe, not to mention is seriously adorable.

If you have a budding fashionista on your hands, this small Queen Bee Bag is a must. Not only will she feel like one of the "big girls", but she'll be styling when she uses it after the wedding at the neighborhood block party. This bag runs for $98, a little pricier than the other options, but there is no question she will LOVE it. Check it out here.

The most important part of giving a gift at your own wedding is showing your appreciation for those who have gone out of their way to be part of your day. Make sure the gift is something she will LIKE and actually use, we at The Monogram Merchant think all these gift ideas will be a sure thing with your little flower girl.

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