It's Earth Day!

What does the Monogram Merchant have to say about Earth Day? Plenty, but since it is Sunday we will keep this short and sweet. 
We believe in reducing waste by reusing and recyling. Last year, we recyled or reused all of our shipping boxes and packing materials. Hundreds of yards of bubble wrap and cardboard boxes were repurposed in the following ways...
We reused boxes we received to ship out customer orders, gave them to local families for moving (with the promise they'd reuse or recyle them) or delivered them to cardboard recyling when they weren't in good condition.  When we need to buy boxes, we use Duck Brand which is made in the U.S.A. of 100% post-consumer recyled materials.  We communicate 100% by email and telephone with our customers, sending order confirmations and receipts by email only.
We also carry some great eco-friendly gifts. In honor of Earth Day 2012, we thought we'd share some of the products we have to make it easy to help our planet. 

  • Travel cups!  We have almost 2 dozen mugs, cups and bottles to make it simple to take your favorite drink -- hot or cold- with you.
  • Shopping bags and coolers! Cute bags for the grocery store, farmer's market, trips to the park or lunch at the office.
  •  Melamine plates! Who needs paper plates when you have these easy to clean/hard to break cuties?
We hope everyone will take a minute today to consider how they can do their part and/or improve their efforts to help save our planet.  After all, what color is the best match for our beloved pink?  GREEN!
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