National Pink Day: June 23rd

We love pink so we were thrilled to learn that June 23rd is National Pink Day....a holiday new to the MM. The only requirement for celebrating National Pink Day is wearing or displaying something pink! How easy! Be creative with your pink expressions -- think from head to toe because the opportunities are endless. A pink headband, pink sunglasses or slip into some fun pink sandals (Jack Rogers, anyone?) Pink cocktails, cookies or cupcakes would be a tasty way to enjoy the day.

The color pink has many different meanings across the globe. In the US, we associate pink with Breast Cancer Awareness. In Japan, the cherry blossoms every spring are said to represent young Japanese samuri who died in battle ... a very masculine meaning for the color. Marrakesh is known as the 'Rose City' because it is painted a pale salmon color. Regardless of where you are in the world, the color pink carries great meaning.

Pink is the color of happiness and romance. The color pink encourages confidence and creates calm, serene environments. Pink expresses tenderness and affection. Wearing the color pink can make you seem approachable and caring to others. has lots of interesting info on the color pink. We'll end with some fun sayings that include 'pink' ....

Pink elephant....hallucinations from too many cocktails!

Pink collar that can only be filled by women!

Tickled be happy!

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