Always wanted Kelly Kapowski's Bangs? How about a Farrah Flip??

Is that you Jessie Spano?

Yesterday here at the Merch was a rough day. We're pretty sure something was amiss in the moon and stars. No seriously, I even tried looking it up yesterday. Well today has already gotten off to a MUCH better start thanks to an email from one of my dear college friends who has way too much time on her hands (which appears to be a pattern for those of us with entry level jobs right out of college). Jenn must have spent HOURS yearbooking all of us at and I suggest you stop whatever you are doing and devote at least the next hour to yearbooking yourself and your loved ones (it's good for a serious laugh).
Doesn't Jess look lovely up at the top? Clearly she was meant for the 80's, unfortunately we were only 2 years old when mall rat bangs were in style, but I'm thinking Jess is going to start backcombing her hair and buying Aqua Net in bulk any day now. Speaking of hairspray, is that Tracy Turnblad on the right? Oh wait that's just Courtney being her stylish self. I mean, Good Morning Baltimore! that is one fine looking hairdo.
The best thing about is that there is a hairdo from every year for the past 40 years or so, which gives you tons of options to embarrass your friends. For instance Jenn over here on the left, holy hairdo on that one. I'm still not sure if that's Jenn or Tootie from The Facts of Life. Jury is still out on that one, but I think those bangs would be, to throw out a pun, bangin' when it comes time for our group to make it back for a Clemson football game. Just a thought Jenn, you could start a hair revolution.

I'm sure both Kate and Jessie think they've dodged a bullet by not making it on the blog yet. Au contraire my dear friends, your turn is a comin'. Both Kate and Jessie have amazing 90's hairdos that are not to be missed.

You may be thinking, "Hold the phone, how did you get a picture of my 1st grade gym teacher?!" While she does hold a striking resemblance to many a 1990's jungle gym maven, no worries, it's just Kate really working an early 90's feathered number. I mean really, I don't think Kate has ever looked better.
Remember your best friend's older sister you were always super jealous of, you know the girl in the late 90's who you thought was so fashionable and cool? Yup, there she is on the left, worried about your judgment yet? It's ok, I promise Jessie is very fashionable and cool these days, although I doubt even she would have the patience and talent to recreate those bangs. I'm 99% sure those took at least 3 heat styling tools and 4 hair products.

It wouldn't be fair to subject all my friends to the blog without putting up my own picture as well. I've always said I was meant to be in high school in the late 80's or early 90's, I mean I have the natural curl and frizz any smart girl at Bayside High School would be jealous of. However, yearbook yourself, has proven me wrong, as clearly the 70's were more my speed. Anyhoodle, while has nothing to do with monogramming (although I guess you could call this yearbook personalization if you want to get all technical), it's certainly worth the break from work or school for a solid hour of entertainment.
Here's hoping I still have friends after this is posted.

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