The Crittendens Make a Splash in the Swamp!

Tailgating, sporting your team colors, cheering on your school... nothing says Fall like a good college football game! Now some of us are fans and others of us are FANS. Personally, when bad weather hits, I'm out of the stadium in a flash and watching the game from a dry corner of a sports bar. I clearly fall into the lowercase fan category. However, the Crittendens have proven to be the ultimate in uppercase FANS during a recent trip to a Gator game. The opening game of the season in Gainesville was against Hawaii, and honestly, Hawaii didn't bring along the best weather they had to offer.

Before the start of the game the Crittendens were recognized on the field and were such troopers for standing there in the driving rain! They were literally swamped in the Swamp! The only thing that could have made the perfectly Gator color coordinated Crittendens cuter (and much more comfortable) would be a monogrammed umbrella of course!! This umbrella is the perfect accessory for game day, it'll slip over your wrist leaving you two free hands for tailgating or cheering and personalized with your monogram, it'll never get lost! Every well prepared and dedicated fan needs one.

The football season is just beginning, and unfortunately, so is hurricane season; so don't get caught out in the rain without one! You can get one in a variety of colors (although the Leopard is my personal favorite) in our shop here.
If you want to see the Crittenden's heroic fanship in it's entirety, check out this youtube video taken from a much drier location:

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