Great Groomsmen Gifts

Planning a wedding? Gifts for groomsmen are never an easy task, however, on our site you will find fantastic ideas for gifts, courtesy of an 18-time groomsman who generously serves as our consultant....that's right, he has been in 18 weddings as an usher, best man or groomsman...not sure if there was any ring-bearer duty in that total but oh well.

GWW, also known as Captain, has received a wide variety of gifts and boiled down his favorites to three areas of involving golf, drinking and traveling. We have taken his recommendations to heart and you can see the selection here. Here's a quick look at some of our favorites!

Gifts for golfing... For your athletically inclined groomsmen, gifts involving golf are sure to be a hole in one (please excuse the pun). One gift the Captain has received, which we think is genius, is a round of golf. It's such a useful gift, and for any golf enthusiast, much appreciated. If you feel like you need to give your groomsmen something tangible along with a round of golf, how about a bottle of his favorite liquor? I don't know a soul on earth who's golf game doesn't improve with a little Jack Daniels in their system. This key chain on the left is also a great addition to a round of golf, it's not only a handy divot tool, but also has a monogrammed ball marker on the opposite side.

Gifts for drinking... We love the idea of giving the boys something personalized (since I mean, like they'll ever buy it for themselves.) This monogrammed decanter on the right is such a practical and handsome gift. At $72 it's also completely reasonable for a personalized gift. You can check out this decanter and some others here. We also highly recommend a monogrammed flask or a fabulous personalized martini shaker. You can check out all of our drinking accessories, more affectionately called barware, here.

Gifts for traveling... For the globe trotting fellows in your wedding party, the options are pretty much endless. Most of our personal favorites are items from Jon Hart Design, passport covers, leather dop kits, and leather luggage tags. The shaving kit on the left is one item that is a huge hit with the gentleman we know. It's a great size for someone who is constantly on short trips for business, big enough for all the essentials, but won't take up too much space in his carry-on.

If you're still having trouble figuring out what to get the boys, the Captain himself also recommends a personalized gift bag. Gift bags can include a couple of smaller items; a money clip, cuff links, booze (naturally), or snacks... think hospitality bag but nicer. Throw it all in a monogrammed tote, and you're good to go!
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